o or any surrounding countiesTexas Ancillary Probate

When there is a probate in another state, other than Texas that is, and there are assets in Texas that need to be probated, you will need a probate attorney that does “ancillary probate.”

We have the experience in handling ancillary probates.  Whether the primary probate is here in Texas and the ancillary probate is in the other state, or the Texas probate is an ancillary to a primary probate in the other state — we can help!

Do we have to fly into Texas for the hearing?

If there is no battle going on in the probate, we can skype or facetime you into court to provide testimony.

Which counties in Texas do you cover?

It is most economical to you if our firm works on cases in Collin, Tarrant, Dallas, Grayson, Hunt, or Rockwall counties or any surrounding counties. But call to make sure.  If contingent, we will definitely look at any county in Texas — I handle them all over Texas.

What are the prices?

Our prices are flat rate generally.  We do not charge extra for an ancillary probate, even if there is a need for remote testimony.

How accessible is the attorney?

I answer my own phone and text once you hire us.  I answer usually within a few hours, not days.  I am great to work with.

Just call us!