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Experienced litigator to assist in highly contested probate cases and very creative at securing the cheapest resolution to probate situations.

Estate Planning

Experienced and compassionate legal assistance to help you and yours with an estate plan to ensure the maximum possible transfer of family wealth to heirs.

Business Law

Extensive business law experience supporting small and medium businesses during Startup, Daily Operations, Exit Strategy, and Litigation.


Jac Schuster is the best probate attorney I ever met he stays in contact with his clients he is always on top of his cases and he makes sure his clients needs come first I highly recommend this attorney

Private Client

Jac is a man of integrity. He is a professional in every sense of the word. I used him last year, no issues whatsoever.

Richard Bice

Jac is an excellent resource for legal consult. I ask him random questions all over the board, and I can always count on Jac for great advice. I always feel better about the direction I take after speaking with Jac. 


Mr. Schuster really stepped up to the plate in handling my case. Not only did he provide proper counsel, he also maintained frequent contact and kept me informed every step of the way. I can and will recommend without any reservation, attorney Jac Schuster for any of your legal needs.


Jac’s passion and attention to detail serve his clients well.


Jac knows contested probate & explains it well so you can understand. He knows how to protect you & your assets.

Private Client

I endorse this lawyer. I have known Jac for years and am familiar with his professionalism and work ethic. A client hiring Jac would be fortunate to have obtained his services.

Peer Review

I highly recommend Jac. I referred a client on a sensitive matter and Jac has handled the case with compassion and above and beyond hard work.


I would like to thank Mr. Jac Schuster for an excellent job in handling my legal affairs. He proactively resolved all of my issues and completed the job in a timely manner. He was very proficient and straight forward in handling my concerns. He is a great coach to be on your side line and as well as an attorney. He will take the time he needs with you and not take all of your money. He is more than the typical lawyer. He truly has his client’s best interest in mind. He is a God loving man, more interested in doing the right thing and not draining your bank account. Mr. Schuster is a trustworthy human being and very knowledgeable in the area of law he practices. Thank you for all your hard work . . . 



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Privacy Policy

214.843.1751 Privacy Policy As your current or future lawyer and law firm, we value the privacy of its clients and Web/blog site viewers. Any of the following personal information that may be made available to the lawyer or firm when browsing or navigating the site...

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Collin County Texas Probate

Collin County Texas Probate

Collin County Probate Attorney JAC SCHUSTER 214.843.1751TESTIMONIALS Private I highly recommend jac Schuster as a probate attorney his prices are very reasonable with this attorney you have nothing to worry about he is always on top of his cases he always stays in...

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Texas Ancillary Probate

Texas Ancillary Probate

214.843.1751 Texas Ancillary Probate When there is a probate in another state, other than Texas that is, and there are assets in Texas that need to be probated, you will need a probate attorney that does "ancillary probate." We have the experience in...

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Contingent Probate – Contingent Trust Litigation

Contingent Probate – Contingent Trust Litigation

214-613-0585Probate is a process for dealing with the estate (the debts and assets) left when someone dies.  A contingent probate means the lawyer is willing to receive a portion of the estate in payment for completing the process.  CONTINGENT IS GREAT FOR YOU!   Your...

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How to Probate in Texas

How to Probate in Texas

Here is what you do when the family has lost someone.

This is tailored a bit for Texas:

1. Get a Lawyer’s opinion. As soon as possible, get a lawyer’s opinion of the situation. It can be tough when the grieving process is in full swing to really worry about this, but most legitimate lawyers doing this kind of work will give a quick review without too much cost. You get what you pay for generally. A more experienced attorney might cost more, but during this time, when t

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What if a Tornado hit?

What if a Tornado hit?

What if a Tornado hit?  What if? The tornado that ripped through the heavily populated suburbs in Dallas after Christmas in 2015 took an awful toll.  Many people died. What if . . .  Kids . . . What if only the kids walked away from the tragedy?  Where would they go?...

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