Jac Schuster

I was working as a lawyer and I found that, well, people don’t like lawyers very much.

In fact, when I told my uncle I was going to law school, he stopped and stared at me. Then he said, “People don’t like those folks much. Why would you want to do that?” I didn’t have an answer. You’d think I would have taken the hint.

After a few miserable years as a new lawyer, I decided enough is enough. If I am going to practice law, I am going to do it the right way — the way people like and can understand. Who knows? Maybe they will even like their attorney!


My dad was too busy living to consider that he might die at age 53. He worked himself into a grave but did leave a decent estate; however, no will. Having experienced personally how sad it can be to see a lifetime of wealth go down the tube — I now have a great deal of litigation experience. In addition, I am now experienced in negotiating with passionate families to get their estate distributed quickly and with the least amount of legal expense possible.

Contested Probate (Will and Trust Battles, Inheritance Problems)

While you may read my story and think I am a wimp, think again. When the family feud is on, I say bring it! I use every means ethical and legal to ensure the rights and property of my clients are protected and secured.

Wills and Trusts

I wanted to help families and kids in a fundamental way. This meant focusing on the family finances and their legal safety. Even on such life-changing issues such as who is going to care for those precious babies after a car wreck takes mom and dad away? These are things as a lawyer I learned that I should worry about for a family.

By The Way!

By the way — as a lawyer — I answer the phone and accept texts. Try finding that elsewhere! I dare you!




I graduated from Southern Methodist University with a double major, one in Accounting and one in Marketing. From there, I got an MBA at University of Dallas, and finished with a JD at Texas A&M University School of Law formerly called Texas Wesleyan.

Seidah Johnson

Senior Paralegal

I am driven to help families secure their legacies and navigate legal challenges with
confidence is my passion. That’s why I leverage my years of experience in Texas probate and Estate Planning here at our law firm.

Having personally seen the impact legal issues can have on families, I approach my work with empathy and a dedication to preventing the same struggles for others. This shows in how I:

  • Navigate the complexities of probate: From simple cases to intricate disputes, I guide my clients through Texas probate law, ensuring smooth and successful resolutions.
  • Find solutions, not walls: When families face emotional situations, I’m passionate about finding amicable solutions. My negotiation skills help clients secure their rights, minimizing stress and legal costs.
  • Make every step easier: I understand the emotional weight of legal matters. I build strong relationships with my clients, offering clear communication, compassionate guidance, and unwavering support throughout the process.

But my expertise goes beyond probate and family law:

  • Empowering your future: Drawing on my own experiences, I help families plan for the future with comprehensive estate plans, safeguarding loved ones and assets.
  • Supporting family businesses: Recognizing the legal challenges they face, I assist in structuring and protecting family businesses, fostering their success and peace of mind.

Before joining Jac Schuster PLLC, I honed my skills gaining valuable experience in Family law.

Today, I remain a passionate advocate for my clients, believing in building bridges, not walls. My dedication to ensuring families receive the legal support they deserve makes me proud to be part of both the firm and the community.