• It’s not that big of a deal!

  • It’s actually easy!

First and easiest . . . bring it over!

Drop the documents off at the front desk receptionist.  Ok, not being smart here, but if you are out and about. This works!

Get it into digital form!


FIRST METHOD —  If you have a smart phone android or iphone,

  download Adobe Scan for your smart phone here: https://acrobat.adobe.com/us/en/acrobat/mobile-app/scan-documents.html


SECOND METHOD — If you have a scanner, then just scan it in!



Drop it in the google drive share we gave you (best) or Email it over . . .

If you used the adobe acrobat app like we recommended, then you can email it directly from there.  Too easy!

Ok, fine, so you’re old school . . .

Fax it in, go to a store or somewhere with a fax machine and fax it over. I don’t recommend it, but what a hoot!  We won’t say no.