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Business Law

Extensive business law experience supporting small and medium businesses during Startup, Daily Operations, Exit Strategy, and Litigation.


Experienced litigator to assist in highly contested probate cases and very creative at securing the cheapest resolution to probate situations.

Estate Planning

Experienced and compassionate legal assistance to help you and yours with an estate plan to ensure the maximum possible transfer of family wealth to heirs.


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Sawing The House In Two During A Divorce

Sawing The House In Two During A Divorce

Supposedly the picture is from Germany, real or not, it is funny, assuming you enjoyed the Movie “War of the Roses” from the 1980s. Make no mistake, this is illegal in Texas in various ways. As a divorce mediator, I prefer to help couples split amicably to save money...

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Marriage Sucks? Cheaper To Keep Her! Or Is It?

Well, get a marriage counselor.  I know a lot of great marriage counselors and they are awesome.  Get someone who both of you can relate to and willing to really work things out – find a life you both can be happy with. Ok fine. If that fails – divorce. ...

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