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Jac Schuster

I was working as a lawyer, representing whoever needed me for whatever they needed.  I found that, well, people don’t like lawyers very much.

In fact, when I told my uncle I was going to law school, he stopped and stared at me. Then he said, “People don’t like those folks much. Why would you want to do that?”

I didn’t have an answer.  You’d think I would have taken the hint.

After a few miserable years as a new lawyer, I decided enough is enough. If I am going to practice law, I am going to do it the right way — the way people like and can understand. Who knows? Maybe they will even like their attorney!

Estate planning I wanted to help families and kids in a fundamental way.  This meant focusing on the family finances and their legal safety.  Even on such life-changing issues such as who is going to care for those precious babies after a car wreck takes mom and dad away?  These are things as a lawyer I learned that I should worry about for a family.

Probate My dad was too busy living to consider that he might die at age 53.  He worked himself into a grave but did leave a decent estate; however, no will.  Having experienced personally how sad it can be to see a lifetime of wealth go down the tube — I now have a great deal of litigation experience. In addition, I am now experienced in negotiating with passionate families to get their estate distributed quickly and with the least amount of legal expense possible.

Divorce If the family is in transition, this means working through a process to create a new world where the power is found in love and not the love of power over the family members. The world in which the family decides to retain the power and not give it to divorce attorneys, judges and their courts.

Business Also, if the family has a business, I want to be there to help make it successful and well-protected. I want to use my creativity to ensure the entrepreneurs in the clan are successful and not have to worry about legal issues all day!

Landlords Having owned rental property myself, I know the challenges that owners face, especially when the rent isn’t coming in. I have had great success in helping owners get their property back and generating rent again quickly.  Surprisingly quick!  Creative solutions can often help both the renter and stop the losses felt by the landlord.

By the way — as a lawyer — I answer the phone and accept texts.  Try finding that elsewhere!  I dare you!





I graduated from Southern Methodist University with a double major, one in Accounting and one in Marketing. From there, I got an MBA at University of Dallas, and finished with a JD at Texas A&M University School of Law formerly called Texas Wesleyan.

My two kids keep me very busy with golf tournaments, concerts, and college life, topped off by a long list of other teenage activities.