There are a million Notice to Vacate stories, but this one . . . yea.

Once upon a time

A homeowner had a case where a good renter ran into financial problems.  Knowing the renters well, a lot of patience was afforded beyond the norm and several months went by without payment.

Discussion after discussion, request after request, Yada Yada. We have all been there.

Sadly, the day came for the NTV.

Our hero went and delivered the NTV personally. You know. To ease the blow. To facilitate negotiations for move out.  Walking up the door, the renter opened the door.  They said, “well, the day has arrived.”
“Yep” he said. “I am so sorry.”

The owner handed the NTV and had a heartfelt discussion.  The renter said they would move out the next weekend.

Next weekend came and went. No move out.

Owner filed in JP court and won. No problem.

The rest of the story.

Yep, the renter appealed to county court for free.

In County, the judge threw out the case since the renter denied getting the NTV — even with the owner standing there saying it was handed to them.

The case was re-filed in JP. Yes, they appealed again. They ended up getting three extra months before the constable finally got the move out order (from the next visit to county court)


  • Mail the NTV certified, put the number of the certified mail in the NTV itself and keep a copy of the envelope, the NTV, the certified receipts.  When delivered print out the USPS website page that shows it was delivered.
  • You can deliver to the inside of the door, but it may not serve any purpose.
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