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Supposedly the picture is from Germany, real or not, it is funny, assuming you enjoyed the Movie “War of the Roses” from the 1980s.

Make no mistake, this is illegal in Texas in various ways.

As a divorce mediator, I prefer to help couples split amicably to save money and their emotional well being.

What is the best way to split the house during a divorce?  (without power tools)

Try these suggestions:

Sell the house and divide the sales proceeds. Obvious.

One spouse may also buy out the other spouse’s equity. The buying spouse will arrange to refinance the mortgage loan and be required to pass the lender’s eligibility requirements. This works well if one spouse wants his/her name removed from the loan, while the other wants the house. Expensive option at times.

Keep the home (typically agreeing to sell it after a certain period of time).  There are couples that actually let the kids stay in the family home and the parents move in and out weekly.  Why not?

Some of the ideas are from Dividing the Marital Home

The key to everyone’s happiness is to work together, be creative and find a solution that is good for everyone and works under the circumstances – and not be blindly driven by the passion of the divorce.
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