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Well, get a marriage counselor.  I know a lot of great marriage counselors and they are awesome.  Get someone who both of you can relate to and willing to really work things out – find a life you both can be happy with.

Ok fine. If that fails – divorce.  Now what?

The basic divorce options are as follows:

·         Litigated Divorce thank you for putting the lawyer’s kids through college!

·         Collaborative Divorce still expensive, you each get a lawyer and they work together while protecting their client, but if that is a fail, then you are forced by law to fire them and hire a new set.  And yes, potentially expensive.

·         Mediated Divorce you have money leftover since you are NOT hiring a lawyer just one mediator.  Great option if you need someone to help with communication and getting creative solutions down and building a future apart.  Maybe you will find during the mediation that the future is best staying together!  You never know.

·         Pro Se Divorce this means doing it yourself.  Congratulations.  This is the cheapest option by far.  But is it safe?  Be careful, hiring a professional, mediator or attorney(s) is really smart money spent despite my paying for college joke. And it can be painful to work things out with your soon to be ex spouse.