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Probate in Collin County

Probate is a process for dealing with the estate (the debts and assets) left when someone dies.  

Lucky you! Probate in Collin County is among the simplest and easiest. If it ain’t in the code, we ain’t doing it — famous words.  

How much does a Collin County probate cost?

If your case is uncontested, meaning no one is fighting or arguing over the estate, we can do it for a flat fee.  This means we know how much work goes into it, and unless something goes wrong (cousin shows up or something) then you won’t have to worry about being charged more than the initial funding.

You have a will:

$1,500 + court costs.

This is if you need to pay debts and authority to be executor. (excludes handwritten wills)

$1,000 + court costs.

You just need to move a house to those named in the will.  (A muniment of title)

Court Costs in Collin County

$275.00 to $350.00, some require an ad in the paper for $100.00

You do not have a will:

$750.00 + court costs

You have less than $75,000 in assets (not counting the house) and a small estate affidavit will solve it all.

$2,000.00 + court costs

You need the judge to declare who the heirs are and you need authority to collect the assets and pay debts. This is referred to as Application for Appointment of Independent Administrator without Will and Determination of Heirship.

$1,750.00 + court costs

You just need the judge to declare who the heirs are and you DO NOT NEED authority to collect the assets and pay debts. (We can talk and figure this out) This is referred to as Application for Determination of Heirship.

This law firm, Jac Schuster PLLC, has a lot of experience securing a positive outcome in probate cases, even contested probate cases.

Call us so we can get a look at your case.

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